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30 minutes. No sales academia. Only actionable sales tactics. Nick sells enterprise deals solo. Armand runs a team of 40 SMB AE's and SDR's. Together they break down sales strategies you can use to start winning more deals today.

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Wednesday Mar 03, 2021

Colin takes us through best practices for the very first discovery call - all the way through dealing with competitors, showing a killer demo, and negotiating with customers.   Four Actionable Takeaways: Always get in front of the pro’s and con’s of your competitors Start asking questions to handle those objects to eliminate the con’s You must always be the vendor of choice before beginning negotiations Build a list of non-monetary “gives” and the things you want to “get” Colin’s Path to President’s Club: VP of Field & Inside Sales @ Orum Sales trainer, team builder and pipeline generator Resources Discussed: Buckets: The Prospect Prioritization Technique created by Reisert Consulting 30MPC Video Playbook Special presented by Vidyard Focus Areas: Sales Process

Wednesday Feb 24, 2021

Every 10th episode, we tear down one topic. This is how to structure your sales process. Inject the Ritz Carlton experience into every part of your prospect interaction. What do do before, during, and after your touchpoints. Four Actionable Takeaways: Before: shared agenda, get your “checklist” questions out the way, know your audience During: set agenda & exit criteria, meeting mechanics (audio, etc.), schedule next steps After: Recap email/call, multi-thread follow-ups After 7 touches with no reply, you have your answer Resources Discussed: Buckets: The Prospect Prioritization Technique created by Reisert Consulting Vidyard: Free Screen Recording and Video Creationists Focus Areas: Sales Process

Wednesday Feb 17, 2021

Adam teaches a masterclass on how to convert a POC/trial into a closed-won deal. Four Actionable Takeaways: Set up your exit criteria before you even touch the POC Let the prospect set the expectations for the pilot first Focus on your power users (champions) and your non-users (the converts) Get everyone on the pilot into a shared Slack channel for multi-threading Adam O’Chart’s Path to President’s Club: Top producing AE at Gong.io Resources Discussed: Buckets: The Prospect Prioritization Technique created by Reisert Consulting Vidyard: Free Screen Recording and Video Creationists Focus Areas: Prospecting, Sales Process

Wednesday Feb 10, 2021

Jeremey talks about data-driven actionables related to email format, cadences, and more. Four Actionable Takeaways: Use under 100 words for your emails, one word for the subject line. Get away from slightly positive or neutral email sentiment. Different leads to Better. Only using one communication channel will land you with an 85% lower response rate. Do some “secret shopping” based on the problem you solve, and put it in the email. Jeremey’s Path to President’s Club: SVP Sales Strategy at SalesLoft Author of five books including the international bestseller - "How to Deliver a TED Talk." Resources Discussed: Buckets: The Prospect Prioritization Technique created by Reisert Consulting Vidyard: Free Screen Recording and Video Creation Focus Areas: Sales Process, Prospecting

Wednesday Dec 23, 2020

Phil Gerbyshak is the master of the give to get. He breaks down everything from storytelling to pushing prospects away to other vendors.Four Actionable Takeaways:Identify the boundaries to your customers being on your product and refer them outThen, now, how. Before it was this, now it’s this, here’s how you do it.Use typically language when prospects feel they’re the only one with their problemPrep for a few minutes for one persona. Then only dial into 1 persona for an hour.Phil Gerbyshak’s Path to President’s Club:Speaker and Sales Trainer at Digital Selling StrategiesResources Discussed:Buckets: The Prospect Prioritization Technique created by Reisert ConsultingFocus Areas: DiscoveryNick and Armand are almost above-average sales reps. They are horrible technicians.Which is why 30MPC’s go-to podcast editors are Resonate Recordings - reach out to caleb@resonaterecordings.com and mention 30MPC if you wanna edit your own podcast.

Wednesday Sep 09, 2020

Marcus Chan brings huge energy to 30MPC and takes us through LinkedIn 101. Everything from using 3 star Amazon views to having a nice photo.Four Actionable Takeaways:Make your value prop simple - stop over complicating thingsUse 3-star Amazon reviews to figure out what granular problems your buyers haveOptimize your LinkedIn page with what your buyers care about, not youDon’t pitch right away on LI - show gratitude, chat them up, then ask 10 days laterMarcus Chan: Path to President’s Club:President of Venli ConsultingCreator of the 6-Figure Sales AcademyFounding member at RevGeniusFocus Areas: Prospecting

Wednesday Sep 02, 2020

Back to back top Gong sales reps on #30mpc. Adam teaches you how to redirect objections and give prospects perceived control so that they lean in.Four Actionable Takeaways:Mirror the objection, then ask a loaded question for the anaconda squeezeUse slides to give prospects control and choice over what they want to discussAsk your VP / CRO if they’re the type who wants to go really deepTell ‘em your biggest concern is getting stuck in the demo. Keep tactical ?’s to a minimum.Adam O’Chart: Path to President’s Club:Top producing AE at Gong.ioFocus Areas: Discovery, Demo

Wednesday Aug 05, 2020

Jake Dunlap is the CEO of Skaled and a renowned sales leader. He shares how he gets prospects speaking to you like a peer regardless of your age.Four Actionable Takeaways:Leverage “I work with many who typically focus on X + Y” to lead the agenda.Ask your prospect for their top 2 priorities. If it’s too high level, prime the question.Bring people to the business priorities first instead of getting stuck in the process.Don’t disqualify an entire company when someone says no. Find another in.Jake Dunlap’s Path to President’s Club:CEO of SkaledVP of Sales, GlassdoorFocus Areas: Discovery

Wednesday Jul 15, 2020

Scott Ingram is a legend in the sales world. Most people know him as the host of Sales Success Stories. But today, we deep dive into the big deal enterprise game.Four Actionable Takeaways:Start every day by planning out the whitespace for the day. Then just get after it.Use demoscovery. Ask how the process looks today, take the demo down a different path.Write a shared executive memo with recaps from every sales conversation.Don’t ever do a demo with 20 stakeholders in the room, you can’t satisfy every perspective.Scott Ingram’s Path to President’s ClubHost of The Sales Success Stories PodcastAccount Director @ Relationship One (where he carries a $3M quota)Creator of the Linkedin Sales Stars 100 listFocus Areas: Sales Process, Demo

Wednesday Jun 24, 2020

Belal drops some mindblowing tactics on “decoy pricing” and asking questions that get prospects sitting up in a cold call. Fire episode.Four Actionable Takeaways:Decoy Pricing: $6 (undesirable), $7.50 (acceptable), $8 (just what they need)First 15 seconds explain why you called, say it’s a cold call, then ask a peer questionIn the agenda, tell the customer you’re gonna give price before they get off the callUse what they want as the rows in your pricing instead of what you want (seats)Belal Batrawy’s Path to President’s Club:Community Leader of #Death2Fluff7x Startup Seller and Sales AdvisorFocus Areas: Prospecting, Negotiation

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